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If you are looking for a successful return on your real estate investment, we invite you to request a free, no obligation consultation. Please read the instructions on this page and complete the form below to request an initial consultation with our Property Manager.

Our extensive knowledge of the local rental market coupled with over thirty years of experience of managing a diverse real estate portfolio gives us an edge in providing you with the best advice on improving the profitability of your potential or existing real estate investment.

Here are a few examples of specific advice you might expect to receive from us during the initial consultation:

  • General property management plan based on your individual objectives
  • Rental appraisal and step-by-step property management advice
  • Recommendations on any renovation, redecoration and presentation of your property
  • An approximate bid estimate for suggested improvement work on your property
  • Recommendations on property improvements based on potential tenant market
  • Information on a potential tenant target market and possible marketing strategy
To request an initial consultation, please complete the form below. Once we receive your information, we will review it and contact you to set up an appointment. It is important that we are prepared for our meeting as well, hence we kindly ask you to provide as much detail as possible in the form fields. 
Further, we advise you to do some research about our services, our expertise, our competition, and to compile a list of specific questions prior to the initial consultation. You are welcome to bring your own pictures of your property in an electronic form to our appointment or email them to us prior to the consultation. The initial consultation will be thirty (30) minutes long and consequently it is important that you come prepared and ask the right questions.
We conduct the initial consultation in person, on the phone, or by video conference through Skype or other similar software. During this meeting we explain the ins and outs of our property management services and explain a list of important daily processes that we employ to protect your assets and maximize your rental return. These include advertising strategy, tenant screening and selection process, rent monitoring, inspections, evictions, landlord obligations, maintenance coordination and cost, and many others.
Please note that we do not provide initial consultations via email. All requests for initial consultations must be submitted via this form.
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