About Portals

Access your account from anywhere!

Renaissance Properties uses an online property management system (software) designed to handle property management, marketing, and accounting tailored to real estate industry needs. With all of our data stored in the property management cloud, we can access it anytime with an internet connection. Our customers can have all the information they need at their fingertips as we share leases, work order status, rental documents, owner statements, and communications through customized customer portals for owners and tenants. Using this web-based software helps us to fill more vacancies, save time and cut costs.


Our Tenant Portal provides our tenants instant access to their accounts anytime, anywhere. This saves time, reduces paper waste, and eliminates headaches by offering our tenants 24/7 access to powerful self-service tools, such as:

  • Direct communication with our management staff
  • Ability to check account balances and pay rent and other fees electronically
  • Automatic email reminders about rent and other payments
  • Reporting and keeping track of service/maintenance requests
  • Accessing important documents (e.g. lease agreements, renewals, tenant insurance, notices) online

Tenant Portal user guides:




Our Owner Portal provides secure, instant, and real-time access to their account to track their investment property performance. Here are a few examples of what our Owner Portal can do for our valuable clients:

  • Direct communication with our management staff
  • Easy access to financial statements, reports and other important documents (e.g. management agreement, bid estimates, leases, photos)
  • Ability to approve routine work orders prior to execution
  • Fast, convenient, and secure online rent payments
  • Owners are paid electronically via secure account transfer

Owner Portal user guides: